AÑANA Liquid Salt (200ml)

AÑANA Liquid Salt (200ml)

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Añana is both a valley and municipality located in the province of Álava, in the Basque Country, northern Spain, with the main population nucleus being the village of Salinas de Añana. Moreover, Añana is also the name of one of the seven counties in which the province is divided. The town is renowned for its old salt flats, which were formed beginning in the Triassic Period.  Over 5,000 pans have been built since the Roman times, with exportation of its salt a major business. 

AÑANA salt is produced in a natural manner using traditional techniques, it is regarded by chefs and experts as "one of the best salts in the world".

AÑANA Liquid Salt is liquid gold that flows from the springs. The salt-workers concentrate the water in a natural manner, achieving a concentration of 280 grams of salt per litre.

It contributes to your health because a smaller amount of salt is needed. Especially designed to dress salads and spray on meat and fish before cooking.